Repairing the Mustang

Hi everyone,

So I was very disappointed when I found some of the decals for the P-51, specially the yellow ones on the wings falling of the model.

So instead of attempting an elaborate fix I decided to paint two yellow marks to replace the decals.

Hope it looks ok….


I can now re-focus on getting the ME109 airbrushed along with the fuselage for the Lancaster : )





Finished the P51!!!

Hey everyone,

So here we go, no pressure – I just don’t want the plane to look like a dog’s dinner because of the decals!!

Well, here are some photos of my progress so far, oh forgot to mention, the canopy went on really easily as well, it’s not perfect but I’m over the moon with that finish!!!

I am so happy with how these first decals have gone on the Mustang, I can’t believe I’m nearly done, the excitement is too much!

The first time I ever put decals on I was naïve enough to use my finger to position them and then wondered why the decals ripped!!  Now I seem to be getting the method down of using a damp paint brush to move the decals into position.  For the yellow decals I did consider using the yellow acrylic paint I’ve got and then told myself off for being a cheat!

So this can take pride of place on the shelf now, and I’m going to start unpacking the ME 109 now as part of the WWII collection, hopefully this will give me some time to practise the airbrushing on the side.

Thank you Amateur Airplanes for the tips about airbrushing! Your planes look amazing!

Enjoy the blogs everyone!!  Please feel to reach out to us – it would be great to hear from you!!!


Ace Aircrafts

Finishing the P51 undercarriage

Hi guys,

So here is the completed undercarriage and I’ve also managed to get the rest of the plane painted 🙂  I’m so glad I’ve got these blogs spare, I seem to have stalled with getting the workshop finished and I’m going to make buying the compressor a priority (

I’ve really enjoyed working on this “legend of the sky”, and it’s good fun to blog about as well, I hope the blogs have been a worthwhile read and hopefully you’ve found some bits amusing.

I just need to get the decals done now and then the P-51 is going to take pride of place on the shelf.

Here is the completed undercarriage, I just need to paint the tyres black, when I get a minute, but not bad, don’t you think?



I’ve found that that Humbrol acrylic paints I got have left a great finish and the toolkit is really useful as well.   Here are the links again if you do need a supplier.

Here are the links on Amazon for the Humbrol Acrylic paints I used for this build.  I’m going to have a go at airbrushing for my next project with some of these.  Apparently (I’ve been researching) and it is possible to mix these with water and they should airbrush fine…. Time for an experiment me thinks…….

The Humbrol toolkit was a great help when it came to letting the paint (and glue) dry.  I also got some pretty good photos using the stand as well.

OK, so now moving onto the decals, I always get worried about this part, but hey, practice makes perfect, let’s test that saying shall we….??

Please let me know your thoughts 🙂

See you next time!  (So happy with this picture)


P51 undercarriage

Hey everyone,

so for some reason last night I realised there were still a few things I needed to do before I completed the under carriage.  I started out by putting the pilot in the cockpit and putting the first piece of the cockpit in place (again as a trial without gluing).  Here are some pics of how this going:


I’ve also done some touching up on the paint as it was looking a bit patchy.  I’m no Michelangelo but I think it looks ok……..?

This is a first with the undercarriage!  The instructions look like a complete nightmare for it!  However, I’ll put my glasses on and go for it!  I also need to check what colour I need to paint the various parts as well, looks like humbrol paint 64.  I am so sorry if this takes longer than this blogs worth, I’ll let you know  🙂

I’ve managed to fit the first parts and here are some pics for how this is going….



The tweezers and clamps from the Humbol tool kit have really come into their own for this, I have no idea how I would have managed without them!

I just want to touch up the underside of the plane (it still looks patchy as you can see) and then I should be ready to start finishing this bad boy off next week!

ok, take care, see you next time!!

P51 – Fitting the Wings

Hey everyone,

So continuing my migration of various blogs over to the Ace Aircrafts seems to be going well, as is the decorating of our new workshop room.  I’m really excited about this, there is better light in the room for starters : )  However, upstairs has been in somewhat disarray while we get it all sorted.

So I’ve been getting the wings sorted this week and I figured at the same time I would get the elevators / horizontal stabilizers fitted as well.  I always start to feel a sense of achievement when the parts from the sprue start to come together and the sprue starts looking emptier…..and emptier……..  I’m really excited about finishing this plane I only hope I can make a good job of the decals at the end!

Here are some pics of where I’m up to so far:


The Humbrol Toolkit I got is a great set for helping you to build the kit.  I know the two clamps on the second picture are not meant to be used way, I just needed the nearest thing to stabilise the plane while the glue dried!

The wings were an amazingly tight fit into the fuselage, I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to need any glue.  Of course I did use a bit just to be certain : )


I just need to touch up the paint a little now I reckon!

I’m hoping to build this one with the undercarriage down, which is a first for me, up until now (and when I was a kid) I always built them to hang from the ceiling, so undercarriages up.  Let’s see how this goes………

Take care everyone – see you next time!!

Gluing / Painting the P51 fuselage

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been working away on the P51 and it’s really starting to look good.  There was some touching up to do on the paint work inside the fuselage and I’ve taken some photos:


I’ve also made use of some tweezers which were no longer being used, this may sound crazy but I don’t know how I would have managed to secure some parts with my clumsy fingers!!  I’ve managed to get the seat in place, I was just surprised that you add the pilot after the fuselage has been glued together, but hey, I’m following the instructions, down to a ‘T’!

I’m really happy with how the propeller looks now, it needed some touching up mind, but I think it’s ok…..


So after a day of painting and gluing this is what I ended up with, what do you think?


I know my progress isn’t the quickest in the world, I just want to make sure I do a half decent job.  I think my next session will be another week of gluing and getting the wings fitted 🙂 Please be patient with me!

P51 Mustang

Hi everyone,

So I uploaded these blogs of my P51 Mustang onto the Hobbies360 wordpress site but I now want to migrate them over to the more purposefully named AceAircrafts site.  I’m really sorry to those of you who have seen this, but hopefully I might get to meet people with these extra blogs!!

I was given this P51 starter kit as a Christmas present and it was kinda cool because I got all the Humbrol acrylic paints and brush with it as well.  Here is the set:

 The P51 starter set

I’ve got all the humbrol tools ready to start taking the parts off the sprue; I just want to prepare how I’m going to do this.  I think painting some parts before gluing them is going to make life easier.  I’ve got some Airfix magazines which I’m going to look through to see if they give any pointers as well.

I’m just painting the fuselage and I also figured I’d try and get some decals stuck down as well, especially the decals which are on the inside of the finished plane.  Thought I’d share some pictures of my progress so far:

The partly painted fuselage:


I’m really happy with how this went and I think it looks close to the picture on the back of the box.

A picture of the decal I’ve stuck down, these things can be tricky, I was so nervous about ripping this, but I think it turned out ok…


Any tips for future builds would of course be much appreciated!

Take care everyone!!