The Lancaster wings

Hi everyone hows it going?

So today marked a massive success in the workshop!

I managed to airbrush an entire Lancasterwing : )  I gave the airbrush a good clean out and coupled it up to the now nonleaking air compressor.  I just feel I have a lot to learn about the consistency of the paint going through the airbrush as it came out  quite runny : (  If anyone has any suggestions it would be great to hear from you…

In the meantime I’m going to fire some queries at Google and see what I get back.  I also have these pipettes which should come in handy when measuring out the paint and water:


Here is a picture of my progress with the Lancaster wing, enjoy!


Take care




First attempt at Airbrushing……….

Hey everyone,

So how’s it going?

So I’ve got this Badger 250-2 model airbrush (externally mixing) and a can of propellant and while I’m building the Messerschmitt I thought I would have a go at airbrushing the wing of my Lancaster bomber.  So here is the airbrush kit ready to go:


Had a look at some tips on the net, and the one on about mixing 50% water with 50% Acrylic paint did seem like a sensible suggestion so I ran with that.  So I managed to paint one piece of wing and also made a hell of a mess in the back garden in the process:



And then my pressure starting failing, so I did some research and I think in the long term, I should invest in a compressor.  This video seemed cool:

If anyone has any suggestions please so let me know.

Thanks everyone