The Lancaster wings

Hi everyone hows it going?

So today marked a massive success in the workshop!

I managed to airbrush an entire Lancasterwing : )  I gave the airbrush a good clean out and coupled it up to the now nonleaking air compressor.  I just feel I have a lot to learn about the consistency of the paint going through the airbrush as it came out  quite runny : (  If anyone has any suggestions it would be great to hear from you…

In the meantime I’m going to fire some queries at Google and see what I get back.  I also have these pipettes which should come in handy when measuring out the paint and water:


Here is a picture of my progress with the Lancaster wing, enjoy!


Take care




A bit of extra info about the ME109

Hi guys!

So instead of just doing my usual thing and blogging about building the planes, I thought it might be to interesting to talk about the plane I was actually building – if that makes sense!!

This gives me extra time to prepare for the following week and avoid getting into a flap at the weekend – Oh no I haven’t built anything!! I’m sorry if a blog with limited pictures and building bores you, so please tell me what you think….?

So the ME 109 was one of the most advanced fighters of the era giving the Spitfire and (especially) the Hurricane a run for their money in the Battle of Britain. It includes features such as an all-metal monocoque construction, a closed canopy, and retractable landing gear. It was powered by a liquid-cooled, inverted-V12 aero engine. However, from the end of 1941, the Bf 109 was steadily being supplemented by the superior Focke-Wulf Fw 190 which I may include in future blogs. Of course as the Battle of Britain continued the allies were advancing the technology of their planes and the German Luftwaffe needed to keep up, so the Bf109G “Gustav” was introduced with a top speed of 387mph at 22,967 feet which enabled it to attack the Hurricanes from above.

The armament was also improved and could include an optional bomb on the centreline pylon and underwing cannons and rockets.

This variant gave the ME109 a hefty punch in air-to-air combat.

So there is some extra info guys I hope you enjoyed it, next week I’m hoping to do some building!

Oh, my featured image is courtesy of thank you!!

Take care everyone and thank you for visiting AceAircrafts!


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