About Me

Hi everyone,

So I started building model planes round about the time I went to my first air show when I was around 9 years old.

Since then I have had an enthusiasm for military planes which came about when I was 15 and I got to do my 2 weeks of school work experience at RAF Cottesmore in the county of Rutland (Central England if you’re not sure), helping RAF engineers to work on Panavia Tornadoes was truly awesome!!  I got to help fit a new radar to the nose of a Tornado, take part in an engine test (I got to sit in the cockpit) and help load missiles and bombs for other training.  It was just so cool, I will never forget that!!  Oh and let’s not forget the noise of them taking off just over your head!

So reversing back a bit to when I was just a ‘smaller’ kid, I used to love doing these airfix kits, the ceiling in my bedroom was filled with the BBMF, Tornado, F-16, Harrier, Red Arrows and the list goes on……………..

Then of course through time I stopped doing my kits and the already completed pieces fell into a black hole never to be seen again : (

However I’m back!!! I have just recently got back into doing them and found it to be an amazing way to spend some time chilling in the ‘hobby room’ at home.

I hope you all enjoy my new site, please feel free to write to me!!




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