The Lancaster wings

Hi everyone hows it going?

So today marked a massive success in the workshop!

I managed to airbrush an entire Lancasterwing : )  I gave the airbrush a good clean out and coupled it up to the now nonleaking air compressor.  I just feel I have a lot to learn about the consistency of the paint going through the airbrush as it came out  quite runny : (  If anyone has any suggestions it would be great to hear from you…

In the meantime I’m going to fire some queries at Google and see what I get back.  I also have these pipettes which should come in handy when measuring out the paint and water:


Here is a picture of my progress with the Lancaster wing, enjoy!


Take care




Continuing with the ME109G

Hi everyone,

I’m back now : ) The unexpected break in production was due to a change in employment (a much less stressful one!) and family commitments.

So I’ve made good headway with the ME109G Gustav as you can see.  I just want to put some mastic on the parts I’ve painted by hand and get some airbrushing done of the underside.  Here are some pics for you all:

Front shot of ME109
Front view of ME109

I’m really impressed at the build quality of this kit from Airfix, just hoping I can do a good job of it!

This is a first for me doing a WWII German fighter, but I couldn’t resist the urge!

Take care everyone, I promise it won’t take me as long to write my next blog.