Finished the P51!!!

Hey everyone,

So here we go, no pressure – I just don’t want the plane to look like a dog’s dinner because of the decals!!

Well, here are some photos of my progress so far, oh forgot to mention, the canopy went on really easily as well, it’s not perfect but I’m over the moon with that finish!!!

I am so happy with how these first decals have gone on the Mustang, I can’t believe I’m nearly done, the excitement is too much!

The first time I ever put decals on I was naïve enough to use my finger to position them and then wondered why the decals ripped!!  Now I seem to be getting the method down of using a damp paint brush to move the decals into position.  For the yellow decals I did consider using the yellow acrylic paint I’ve got and then told myself off for being a cheat!

So this can take pride of place on the shelf now, and I’m going to start unpacking the ME 109 now as part of the WWII collection, hopefully this will give me some time to practise the airbrushing on the side.

Thank you Amateur Airplanes for the tips about airbrushing! Your planes look amazing!

Enjoy the blogs everyone!!  Please feel to reach out to us – it would be great to hear from you!!!


Ace Aircrafts


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