Finishing the P51 undercarriage

Hi guys,

So here is the completed undercarriage and I’ve also managed to get the rest of the plane painted 🙂  I’m so glad I’ve got these blogs spare, I seem to have stalled with getting the workshop finished and I’m going to make buying the compressor a priority (

I’ve really enjoyed working on this “legend of the sky”, and it’s good fun to blog about as well, I hope the blogs have been a worthwhile read and hopefully you’ve found some bits amusing.

I just need to get the decals done now and then the P-51 is going to take pride of place on the shelf.

Here is the completed undercarriage, I just need to paint the tyres black, when I get a minute, but not bad, don’t you think?



I’ve found that that Humbrol acrylic paints I got have left a great finish and the toolkit is really useful as well.   Here are the links again if you do need a supplier.

Here are the links on Amazon for the Humbrol Acrylic paints I used for this build.  I’m going to have a go at airbrushing for my next project with some of these.  Apparently (I’ve been researching) and it is possible to mix these with water and they should airbrush fine…. Time for an experiment me thinks…….

The Humbrol toolkit was a great help when it came to letting the paint (and glue) dry.  I also got some pretty good photos using the stand as well.

OK, so now moving onto the decals, I always get worried about this part, but hey, practice makes perfect, let’s test that saying shall we….??

Please let me know your thoughts 🙂

See you next time!  (So happy with this picture)



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