P51 undercarriage

Hey everyone,

so for some reason last night I realised there were still a few things I needed to do before I completed the under carriage.  I started out by putting the pilot in the cockpit and putting the first piece of the cockpit in place (again as a trial without gluing).  Here are some pics of how this going:


I’ve also done some touching up on the paint as it was looking a bit patchy.  I’m no Michelangelo but I think it looks ok……..?

This is a first with the undercarriage!  The instructions look like a complete nightmare for it!  However, I’ll put my glasses on and go for it!  I also need to check what colour I need to paint the various parts as well, looks like humbrol paint 64.  I am so sorry if this takes longer than this blogs worth, I’ll let you know  🙂

I’ve managed to fit the first parts and here are some pics for how this is going….



The tweezers and clamps from the Humbol tool kit have really come into their own for this, I have no idea how I would have managed without them!

I just want to touch up the underside of the plane (it still looks patchy as you can see) and then I should be ready to start finishing this bad boy off next week!

ok, take care, see you next time!!


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