P51 – Fitting the Wings

Hey everyone,

So continuing my migration of various blogs over to the Ace Aircrafts seems to be going well, as is the decorating of our new workshop room.  I’m really excited about this, there is better light in the room for starters : )  However, upstairs has been in somewhat disarray while we get it all sorted.

So I’ve been getting the wings sorted this week and I figured at the same time I would get the elevators / horizontal stabilizers fitted as well.  I always start to feel a sense of achievement when the parts from the sprue start to come together and the sprue starts looking emptier…..and emptier……..  I’m really excited about finishing this plane I only hope I can make a good job of the decals at the end!

Here are some pics of where I’m up to so far:


The Humbrol Toolkit I got is a great set for helping you to build the kit.  I know the two clamps on the second picture are not meant to be used way, I just needed the nearest thing to stabilise the plane while the glue dried!

The wings were an amazingly tight fit into the fuselage, I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to need any glue.  Of course I did use a bit just to be certain : )


I just need to touch up the paint a little now I reckon!

I’m hoping to build this one with the undercarriage down, which is a first for me, up until now (and when I was a kid) I always built them to hang from the ceiling, so undercarriages up.  Let’s see how this goes………

Take care everyone – see you next time!!


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