Gluing / Painting the P51 fuselage

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been working away on the P51 and it’s really starting to look good.  There was some touching up to do on the paint work inside the fuselage and I’ve taken some photos:


I’ve also made use of some tweezers which were no longer being used, this may sound crazy but I don’t know how I would have managed to secure some parts with my clumsy fingers!!  I’ve managed to get the seat in place, I was just surprised that you add the pilot after the fuselage has been glued together, but hey, I’m following the instructions, down to a ‘T’!

I’m really happy with how the propeller looks now, it needed some touching up mind, but I think it’s ok…..


So after a day of painting and gluing this is what I ended up with, what do you think?


I know my progress isn’t the quickest in the world, I just want to make sure I do a half decent job.  I think my next session will be another week of gluing and getting the wings fitted 🙂 Please be patient with me!


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