P51 Mustang

Hi everyone,

So I uploaded these blogs of my P51 Mustang onto the Hobbies360 wordpress site but I now want to migrate them over to the more purposefully named AceAircrafts site.  I’m really sorry to those of you who have seen this, but hopefully I might get to meet people with these extra blogs!!

I was given this P51 starter kit as a Christmas present and it was kinda cool because I got all the Humbrol acrylic paints and brush with it as well.  Here is the set:

 The P51 starter set

I’ve got all the humbrol tools ready to start taking the parts off the sprue; I just want to prepare how I’m going to do this.  I think painting some parts before gluing them is going to make life easier.  I’ve got some Airfix magazines which I’m going to look through to see if they give any pointers as well.

I’m just painting the fuselage and I also figured I’d try and get some decals stuck down as well, especially the decals which are on the inside of the finished plane.  Thought I’d share some pictures of my progress so far:

The partly painted fuselage:


I’m really happy with how this went and I think it looks close to the picture on the back of the box.

A picture of the decal I’ve stuck down, these things can be tricky, I was so nervous about ripping this, but I think it turned out ok…


Any tips for future builds would of course be much appreciated!

Take care everyone!!





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