Unpacking the ME109

Hey everyone!!  I’m so excited about my new site and feel I can totally focus on building, and of course writing about the planes I build.

So I figured I’d try something a little different this time and also needed to create myself some slack so I could have a go at practising some airbrushing in time for finishing the BBMF collection with the Lancaster ( I’m certainly NOT going to try and paint that by hand!!)  I’m also trying to moved my blogs to a more specific blog site I’ve created in wordpress, and here it is!!

So let’s have a look at the ME109, sworn enemy of the Spitfire and Hurricane in the summer of 1940!!!

This set didn’t actually come with any paints so I’ve had to go get some from Hobbycraft.

Here is the set:




The underneath of the plane looks as if it’s a sort of grey colour, I tried to the get the paint which corresponds to the code on the box and ‘apparently’ it is unavailable!  Not to worry I’ll make this colour myself, I can mix paints right!!

So, next week, I’ll probably be having a practice at Airbrushing on some old bits of wood I have in the garage in preparation for building the Lancaster further down the line……………….


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